/ GDPRmageddon

Is your forum ready for #GDPRmageddon?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force tomorrow. It is a European Union law intended to promote the protection of privacy and personal information, with the goal to give users more control over their personal data.

Unfortunately for both the owners and users of many sites, some forum software systems have not been updated with features that support GDPR compliance. If you run a forum and are facing the possibility of shutting down because of compliance issues, NodeBB is here to help!

With our most recent release, we've added a number of features that support full GDPR compliance. These include:

  • features for forum operators to receive consent from both new and existing users to have their data collected
  • the ability for users to download all their information and forum contributions, providing "data portability"
  • the ability for users to remove all personal identifiable information (PII), and for all their forum contributions to be deleted on request, providing the "right to be forgotten"

If you are interested in taking advantage of these features by switching your forum to NodeBB, please contact us at sales@nodebb.org. We can provide:

  • migration services for your current forum
  • special pricing on our hosting services for small start-ups and nonprofits
  • instructions for self-hosting if you're unable to pay a monthly fee

For more information on our features and services, please visit https://nodebb.org