NodeBB 1.11.0: traffic filtering, navigation improvements and more

As the last leaves fall from the trees in Toronto, NodeBB 1.11.0 has arrived to help brighten those long nights!

A common issue for forums is sorting out what traffic is coming from registered users, guests and bots. Our new release makes this job easier by adding forum traffic filtering on the admin dashboard. Viewers are now separated in to their appropriate category, and with a click you can hide or show different types of viewers to get a better picture of who (or what!) is actually generating page views on your forum.

Forum traffic graph on the dashboard

We've also added a few navigation improvements to make it easier for your users to get around. On the mobile side, our standard themes now allow users to quickly move to any message in a topic by dragging on the message number indicator at the bottom of the screen.

Dragging to the message number

And for forums with many categories, users can now search via the category dropdown in the unread, recent and composer views, saving time from scrolling through the whole list.

Category search

Also, as part of our continuing mission to provide the best GDPR support of any forum software platform, we've added a function in the admin control panel that allows you to enable or disable GDPR consent collection when new users register. To learn more about our GDPR features, be sure to check out

Other improvements in this release include:

  • category list optimizations
  • ability to use separate database for sessions
  • ability to control widget visibility by group
  • ability to sort search results by # of votes
  • a page in the admin control panel to see all active hooks

For a complete list of issues, please see:

As always if you are hosting your own NodeBB forum we recommend updating to the latest version to take advantage of the latest features and fixes. If you encounter any issues, please post them in our community support forum.