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NodeBB 1.12.0: keeping warm with email, search and spam fighting improvements

While the snow keeps falling in Toronto, NodeBB's team and community contributors have been hard at work on our latest release.

Email Improvements

We've made some changes to help make NodeBB emails a bit more user friendly. Email templates have been revamped to provide a sleeker, less branded look:


Note that email templates are editable via the admin control panel. Just go to Settings > Email > Edit Email Template to make changes. If you've previously changed the templates but want to take advantage of the latest versions, just hit "Revert to Original" then edit away.

In addition, true one-click unsubscribe is now enabled. Previously, users who clicked the unsubscribe button were taken to their user settings page and had to make changes manually. For digests and notifications, one-click unsubscribe is now supported. If your mailer is set up with appropriate DKIM headers, mail clients should show a one-click button to allow for unsubscribing. The existing button to go to user settings should also still be present.

Instant Search

While the admin control panel has had "instant" search results available for quite some time, this is something we did not previously have for the forum itself. That changes starting today:


Instant search results appear when a user starts typing, but otherwise regular and advanced search still operate as usual.

Spam Fighting

In an effort to keep your forum spick and span of spam, the Spam-Be-Gone plugin has been updated to integrate a fourth vector for spam detection. StopForumSpam is now queried as part of the registration and posts queue process. Check out our Knowledge Base article on setting up Spam-Be-Gone and other plugins to help fight spam.

It's is a good time to note that that we also recommend a combination activation of the registration and post queues on forums with a heavy spammer presence.


You can access these setting via the admin control panel at Settings > Post > Posting Restrictions.

For a list of issues addressed in this release, please see:


As usual if you are hosting your own NodeBB forum we recommend updating to the new release to take advantage of all features and fixes. If you encounter any issues, please post them in the community support forum.